My mind has been preoccupied, obsessed even, with considerations of death, consciousness, flesh. Consistently drawing upon perceptions of spirituality and the sciences to inform my image making, every work is motivated by dualities; creation and destruction, pain and pleasure, life and death, hatred and love. I am concerned with physical interactions, and how those interactions reflect and effect personal mentalities, as well as a greater sense of human consciousness, nature, and the universe. Though as individuals we exist for only a fraction of a moment in cosmic history, the components of our realities are infinite in existence and will continue to create the universe far beyond our lives. All human experience thus is sacred and yet trifling; feeling and experience are fleeting yet reflective of the infinite.

My latest works have excited explorations into human relationships with the ephemeral, spiritual, and mystic. As our experimentation within the sciences discover new definitions of reality, they have formed a consistency alongside long held notions found in supernatural or spiritual beliefs, bringing human existence into both the physical and metaphysical planes. Despite growing scientific understandings of the universe beyond what we imagine real, our relationship to death, lingering forces of life, grief, pain remain soft and fluid denying any rigidity or demystification. How we visualize exterior and interior dimensions of reality somehow stay unique to ourselves yet channel universal imagery and emotion despite time, space, experience. Microcosmic discoveries resonate through the macro and back, and all understanding becomes a dialogue at once uniting and distancing humanity from itself and the universe. All is reciprocal, no matter how distant and isolated it can feel to be human, how alone it can be to feel anything at all. 

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